Some frequently asked questions about the bot
  • It is not possible to assign role rewards (adding a role for x invites). This is because, doing so is against discord's terms of service.
  • If you see "unknown user" or random numbers instead of usernames in the leaderboard / invited commands, your app does not have those users cached. You can copy the contents of the embed and paste it in a private channel (to avoid pinging the users) to force your app to cache them. If you look back at the embed after doing this, it should show their usernames.

Basic setup

Learn how to setup the join channel, and how to customize the template

Settings up join/leave channels:

  • Use the /config set slash command to setup join and leave channels by providing the channel
setting up join channel

Setting up join/leave messages:

The bot has a default template which will be used as soon as you set the join or leave channel. Follow the below steps if you wish to customize the default templates
  • Look at variables for a list of available variables that you can use in your template.
  • You can use the /embed build command for designing the template, or download premade json templates from this repo and use the /embed send <channel> <json> command to send the template to the channel.
  • Once you are done designing the template, send it in any channel and then use the Set as template command on the message that you just sent (Right click -> Apps -> Set as template)
setting up join message

Context Menus

Learn to use context menus
  • User context menus: Right click an user to view the list of commands
  • Message context menus: Right click a message to view the list of commands

Accounts command

Learn to use the accounts command to filter accounts and perform certain actions
  • Provide a date for the start-date option, this can be a discord snowflake id, date in dd-mm-yyyy format or a data in human form like "10 minutes ago"
  • Set the type to either filter by creation/join date
  • Additionally you can filter out only the users that are not verified by setting the verified option to False
  • You can also optionally provide an end-date & a target to filter accounts that are invited by that target
The accounts command

Stealing stickers

Learn how to view and steal multiple emojis & stickers at once
  • Use the emojis command (available as a normal command & context menu command) on stickers/emojis to view & steal them!
  • Normal command: You can either provide the emoji/sticker while using the command or reply to an existing message
  • Context Menu command: Right click the message that conttains the stickers/emojis -> Apps -> Emojis
The emojis command

Resetting invites

Learn how to reset invites
  • To reset invites for everyone leave the argument empty
  • To reset invites for a specific user, mention that user as argument
The reset command

Blacklisting channels

Prevent members from using bot commands in specific channels
  • Use the /config blacklist channel slash command to blacklist a specific channel
  • To unblacklist a channel, run the same slash command again
  • Note: Members with MANAGE_GUILD perms can still use commands in blacklisted channels
Blacklisting a channel

Auto-refresh leaderboard

Setup an invites lb that refreshes itself automatically. It also has a handy "check invites" button.
  • Use the /config auto-refresh-leaderboard set <channel> slash command to set the channel where the lb is to be sent
  • To disabled it, run the /config auto-refresh-leaderboard reset command
  • Note: You can have only 1 auto-refresh lb per server
Auto-refresh lb

Verification System

There are currently 3 types of verification:
  • Simple: Members will have to press a button to get verified This type is effective against automated user accounts.
  • Password: Set a pre-defined password which the user has to enter (using buttons) to get verified. Useful if you own a super exclusive server or you just want to hide the password in your rules, ensuring that all new members will actually read your server's rules :)
  • Randomised: Make the bot randomise the password (of specified length) which the user has to enter (using buttons) to get verified.
Setting up the verification system:
Simple verification
Password verification: 12159
Randomised password of length 4
  • role is the role which will be given upon successful verification.
  • channel is the channel where the verification embed will be sent.
  • The embed can be customized by providing a json file in the /config verification command. This is restricted to premium tiers 2 and 3
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