Privacy policy

Last updated on 16th february 2022

This page lists the policies regarding the collection and use of personal data by Invite Management ("we", "us", "our") when you use our Service and the choices you have associated with that data. By using the Service, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

What information do you collect?

Data collected by Invite Management

  • Server configurations: prefix, join/leave message, join/leave channel, etc.

  • User data: user ID, the list of users who have been invited, the number of times the person has voted for the bot, etc.

  • Guild data: The list of active guild invites and the number of times the invite has been used. This data is only stored in memory and is refreshed as and when required.

  • Vanity data: The vanity URL of the guild (if any), along with the number of uses.

  • Basic information about the guild (id, owner id, name, etc.) are logged when the bot joins or leaves a guild.

  • Ratelimit data (channel/message/user id, type of ratelimit, etc) are logged when the bot hits / will hit a ratelimit from your guild.

The User IDs and Guild IDs of users and guilds who break our terms of service are stored to prevent misuse of our service.

Data collected by external services

Data may be collected when using any related services or on domains including but not limited to:

Why do you collect said data?

Data collected by us and any related applications is solely used to provide and improve the service(s).

  • Invite links are stored in memory to facilitate the process of tracking the inviter as and when a new user joins your server.

  • Server configurations are stored to provide you with the ability to customize the functioning of our service.

  • The vote counts of users are stored to enable the functioning of voter only commands.

  • Vanity data is collected to show vanity data (number of uses, vanity url, etc) while sending join / leave messages

  • Ratelimit data is logged purely for debugging purposes and to detect servers abusing the bot by spamming it.

Where is said data stored?

Any data stored by Invite Management itself is safely located in the server that the bot is hosted on. This data is only accessible by the hosting providers themselves and the bot owner(s).

Periodic backups are taken as a safety precaution to prevent data loss or corruption. If you wish to enquire about the bot's current hosting provider, you may do so by contacting us at our support server.

As for third-party services, we cannot guarantee where the data is stored therefore we are unable to guarantee data will not be processed and/or stored in certain locations.

Do you sell or share said data?

No, we do not sell or share any data collected by Invite Management.

How long is said data stored?

Information such as invite links are stored only in-memory, meaning that they are lost when the bot restarts. The invite links may be dumped to the local disk to faciliate faster startup times and is deleted immeadiately after.

Server configurations and all user invite data related to that server are stored permenantly until:

  • A server admin resets the data by using the inbuilt command(s)

  • The bot is kicked from / leaves the server. The data may be stored for upto a week longer (incase the bot was kicked by accident)

Can I request deletion of the data that you have stored relating to me?

Yes, you may contact us at our support server to request deletion of your data. This being said, it is possible to delete most of the data yourself by using the inbuilt command(s). If you are unsure how, you may consult the official documentation or ask for help in our support server.

Final words

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, update or modify this document with or without prior notice.

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