Main features

Invite Management: An useful invite tracing bot that can help you manage your server's invites by tracking joins and leaves. It also comes packed with some useful utility features!

100% customisable join and leave messages

  • Variables command gives you the extensive list of variables that can be used to customise your messages
  • Supports upto 10 embeds and 5 URL Buttons
Fully customisable messages

Advanced verification system

  • Grants a role to the member upon successful verification
Supports three types of verification:
  • Simple: Members will have to press a button to get verified This type is effective against automated user accounts.
  • Password: Set a pre-defined password which the user has to enter (using buttons) to get verified. Useful if you own a super exclusive server or you just want to hide the password in your rules, ensuring that all new members will actually read your server's rules :)
  • Randomised: Make the bot randomise the password (of specified length) which the user has to enter (using buttons) to get verified.
Simple Verification
Advanced Verification

Auto refresh invites leaderboard

  • An invites leaderboard that updates itself once in an hour automatically!
  • Features a "Check invites" button that shows current invites count along with rank
Auto refresh leaderboard

Plethora of useful invite management commands

  • Invites shows you invite count of an user!
  • Inviter shows you the user who invited the specified user
  • Invited shows a paginated list of users invited by the specified user
  • Leaderboard shows a paginated list of top inviters in your server (edited)
Invites command
inviter command
invited command
leaderboard command